We used our system to teach these school students. All the musicians were beginners, but within one year of using the system they were experienced enough to walk into Channel Nine studios and record live in one take on the Kerri-Anne Kennerley Show. As well as becoming great musicians and accomplished performers, the students had already shot several music video clips and had been learning around professional digital equipment, so kids as young as five found the multi million dollar TCN studios no trouble at all. 

Dr Martin Laird, Orthopaedic Surgeon, speaks about Blake Kearney and Maroubra Music School. Martin gives a clear and concise evaluation of the teaching techniques, the balance of fun and education, and the outcomes and skills he observed.


Students storyboarded, edited, acted, danced, played and sang in these videos. These creative projects are not meant to be glossy, professional music videos, they are the work of imaginative and talented young people when you let them loose on instruments and hi tech equipment in an environment of inspiration and fun.