Songwriting usually implies original pop song writing including chords, bass, instrumentation, drums and lyrics, where composition may imply a more in depth academic study in either jazz or classical genre, and would involve a deeper study of music theory. We cover both of these polarities at Maroubra Music School and everything in between. Students can also take advantage of the audio and video facilities and create professionally recorded CDs and film clips of their work. If you have a creative side and have always wanted to write and record original music, or if you are a serious music theory student wishing to unravel the mysteries of chordal function and how and why music works, this is the class for you.

This is creative but also technical class and over the years students have created some incredible recordings. Students will be taught all aspects of songwriting, improvisation and compositional techniques, as well as recording, mixing and production. Younger or less experienced students can use our fun systems (robo-didactics, 1 minute song etc) to keep it fun and to enable them to work without too many physical / technical obstacles. This allows their imagination to flow freely, and makes it easy for them to transform their thoughts into music quickly. Experienced musicians will study more formal compositional aspects or advanced harmony and improvisation as related to composition, but can also use modern systems to realise their inventions quickly, and ultimately to a professional, commercial level if they require.