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One to one lessons. Students may prefer or benefit by individual training, at least for a little while before joining a group. One to one lessons can provide specific individual focus and an individually tailored, custom built curriculum. Some singles lessons are often required for a little while before entering a doubles or group club unless parents organise the students themselves.

Two students together. Doubles are a lot of fun and we are able to create duet parts for students to experience live playing. It is also a cost effective method of tuition. Students don't always need to be at the same age or level - an older or more experienced friend or sibling will simply take the more complex sections. Often parents will organise the doubles groups based on knowing the children's compatibility and/or sharing transport, or we can match two students we feel may be compatible.

Small groups generate many possibilities for musicians. As well as being a very cost effective way of learning, a small group can be a music lab of real musicians to create a band or a team of musicians learning the same instrument to help each other reinforce their learning. Of course older or experienced musicians will be matched accordingly but in the younger groups there can be quite wide skill levels as more experienced players take more complex roles and junior players take the easy parts. This has worked well where older and younger siblings take part.