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Cheers and a huge thank you for all that you have done for James. He has really loved the program and has grown in his confidence and ability to play. Many thanks. Fiona

Thank you so much for making your classes enjoyable and also encouraging the children to engage with their instruments. Looking at Marcus he was never enthusiastic to learn an instrument until now. He is enjoying every lesson and determined to come home and practice each day. I think it's so nice when children have fun. Keep up the good work. Regards, Trish

Hi Blake, thank you for a great year of Vrock and for keeping us in the loop so well about what the kids are doing each week in Vrock. Kids attend a lot of extra curricular activities and most organisers don't have the highest standards when it comes to communicating with parents. Marina

(Note: Vrock is our music, instrumental / vocal and media course & workshop.)

Thanks Blake you've been amazing with her. Kirra's going away for four weeks when she comes back we'll continue with lessons. Stephanie

Thanks Blake for your enthusiasm and above all the way in which you connect with the children. Finn has LOVED going to VRock. Anna and Finn
You seem to have a down to earth philosophy about teaching kids. I take it you've been teaching for a while. Thank you for being a top teacher. Emily

Hi Blake, too efficient. Many thanks for your time. Just wanted to say the keyboard and videos are a hit. This is an excellent system. Have a great weekend, Deena 

Thanks Blake,  Elke really enjoyed today.  Great learning video.  Small sand, big tree.  I've got it!  She loves the keyboard, playing it non-stop and we have done the last exercise you sent.  She is really responding to this method of teaching. Cheers and have a good weekend. Kylie.

Hi Blake, Thanks so much for your program – Luke has really enjoyed being a part of it. Roslyn

Hello, Blake, Kai enjoyed your lessons very much and is looking forward to next opportunity.Have a great holiday!! Hiroe, Kai's mother

He had an awesome time! Thanks so much.. he said the electric guitar was epic. More info regarding the classes would be fantastic. Cheers, Bec

Zara came home from music class and started playing Mary Had a Little Lamb for her brother. It was very exciting for everyone in the family and a proud moment for Zara. I think that your teaching method must be fantastic! Lisa
Rhys had a lot of fun and hasn't stopped talking about it! Adele
Erin had a great day today and can’t wait until tomorrow!! Thanks, Kathy
Thank you so much Blake!! Fantastic :-) Victoria

Hi Blake, Thanks for that! Great job at getting the kids going with music…very cool! Cheers, Bruce

Hi Blake, he loved it. I will be registering. Melissa
She loved it and gave it 10/10!!! We would like to know more, she enjoyed the guitar. Thank you. Abi

Yes, we have logged on and Zane has been practicing every day. He is loving it and can't wait till Vrock day. Kristy
Thank you for all you have taught the kids music and confidence aka fun. Emily. Sarah's mum
Dear Blake, Thanks for your work with her over the last 2 years. She enjoyed her time in the band and learnt some key skills in listening and performing. Neil

Hi blake, the video is fantastic! Jasmine

Thank you Blake, It looks fantastic, so much work. Nina

This is so cute..... It's wonderful. Thank you Blake. Anat

I asked Jackson for his feedback on the vid and he said 'it was cool dude', I then said, what do you rate it out of ten and he said 'infinity out of ten'. I thought the clip was really adorable, though I think the best representation is what the kids think and you get a gold star here ;) Barbra
Hi Blake, We have watched the video now and thoroughly enjoyed it. Libby is pleased with it and enjoyed making it. They learn something about chroma keying, masking and other effects from watching the edited version that may not have been so obvious when they were recording it. Libby has already started planning who to show it to. Cheers, Richard & Libby

Hi Blake, He watched it last night and he loved it!!! He wanted to watch it about 10 times!!!! I thought it was great. He said he missed Music class. Will you be coming back in 2013? Cheers, Corinne

Quick note to say that Hamish absolutely loves VRock and whatever day it is on is his favourite day. Thank you!! Lynn and Hamish

And just a big thank you - Oliver loved VRock and especially the video so again thanks so much. Sarah

It's fabulous Blake, you have put a huge amount of effort into this, and the vrock sessions. Thank you. Have a great day. Anna

I love your Vrock music. Elissa (student)