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ONLINE PRS (Practice Revision System)

Students receive online study links to the PRS included as part of their course, so there is no need to purchase expensive text books or CDs/DVDs etc.

We use our proprietary PRS system to coach kids in NSW schools where it is called The Rockumation System - noting it is equally used to teach classical and jazz components as well as rock and pop.

The PRS is an engaging visual music education system to reinforce music learning and make practice fun, clear and easy to understand. It was developed through emulating the jazz method of passing down the music directly, where a teacher would play and have the student watch and follow and play themselves. This method is far superior to written notes because the music is taught directly with sound and vision, rather than needing to first interpret any written note. This means even very young children who can't yet read can use the PRS. Playing along with the PRS tells the student in an instant if they are playing the wrong notes or out of time.

The PRS has another advantage where parents with no musical knowledge can observe their child practicing along with the system and will be able to hear & see immediately if they are playing incorrectly. Older methods were often foreign and isolating to non musician parents who never knew exactly what it was their child should be practicing, and so relied on the child to inform the parents about practice requirements - and we know how well that works.