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Glee club is similar to the Jazz and Rock Band Club but focuses on vocals and includes voice lessons, microphone technique, a little stage craft and some related choreography. Students can vote on songs and material from any era including current pop, jazz, R & B, soul, rock and evergreen standards - any material students want to contribute is usually fine. We use the same system we developed to fast track music learning for young beginner musicians and which has been used in over 50 NSW public and private schools and also at the Maroubra Music School. 

Students get a complete music and singing basics course through our colourful engaging animated learning system called Rockumations, a step by step 'how to' designed to teach musical principles and vocal sections quickly. Students will learn to sing in a way that will make it easier for them to move to an instrument if they wish, and they will learn target songs. They then get to really evaluate their work when they record & mix their songs to CD and in doing so also learn audio editing. They then turn their audio recording into a music video film clip and in doing so learn camera work, chroma-keying, and video editing software, and create a final DVD or video clip. The final product of a music video film clip is naturally then something that will in many cases inspire the musicians involved to continue learning and playing music.

Being a system we use in NSW schools there are many overlaps with the NSW school curriculum, naturally from music, but also from all the arts sectors (drama, dance and visual arts), and also from maths, English and science & technology. This is a very comprehensive cross curriculum opportunity for students and also produces very tangible results in the form of the audio and video recordings which students genuinely value, and which can also be given to friends or relatives for a wider appraisal that tends to enhance a student's self approval.