Students have the opportunity to make recordings and multitracks of their work, and then add visuals to their sound and make animations or music video clips. Apart from being fun, this has a range of positive effects on music learning.

A major advantage for musicians who have the opportunity to record and listen back to their work is the self appraisal feedback loop. When we play music many cognitive processes are taking place that make objective listening difficult. It is only after many record & listen events that we begin to hear music as others do while we are playing, and so we can edit or effect our playing in real time.

As well, creating these fantastic and interesting projects that students can show off to friends and relatives definitely fulfills the goal effect, and students clearly have more fun challenging themselves and are happier throughout the process of achievement. As a rule of thumb it relates to S.M.A.R.T goals ( specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted ). Please note that all children at all ages levels will be able to make creative and rewarding audio/video projects, just as they do art work at school. Technology allows them to explore these areas without limitation. We have worked with countless tiny children and also students with ADHD, spectrum disorders, and various learning disadvantages, and who have all created beautiful and incredible work.

In a more career minded sense, musicians these days are usually involved in audio and video as a function of their capacity, so just as a business person will use spreadsheets, a modern musician in jazz, classical or pop will benefit greatly from knowledge in multi media editing. For older and more serious students, recordings can be used for their portfolio and for their record, and as a future study motivation.

Audio, video and animation can be taken by itself or in conjunction with any other music study you are doing at Maroubra Music School and is available to singles and groups.