PRIMARY KIDS (9 to 12)

Pitching is still critical at this age, but accuracy and rhythmic independence begin to emerge as this group have much greater coordination and spatial ability than younger children, so it is an opportune time to work with rhythm, particularly on independently handed instruments like drums or piano.

They can also learn the components of music they will need if doing exams or simply to play well, such as pitching/aural, composition, reading, and advanced technique study.

This is also an age to specialise in an instrument and if interested to possibly consider tackling the harder range of instruments like saxophone, flute or clarinet.

Of course all the fun things like learning songs and playful learning are very high on the agenda and students can choose songs they like from their favourites, and we will introduce some classics for their repertoire as well. This can of course go into recording if they wish and students can make CDs of their work or music film clips for parents and friends and for their own record.