5 years to 8 years old is that critical transition from infant to thinking individual. It's still an extremely imaginative age where fun and games must be a component of activities, but where young people truly begin to develop perception and motor skills required for high function activities like music.  It is also a critical time for self approval and self definition. These considerations are all taken into account when delivering a music program to this age group, but the delivery is seamless to kids who see the whole thing as fun as they begin to genuinely develop music ability.

All Maroubra Music School all courses and classes are available to this age group including the high tech stuff like audio and video. Of course we do age modified versions of the courses. There is an emphasis on pitch and rhythm given the cognitive opportunities of this age group.

Most students will enjoy learning some piano/keyboard, drums and singing, while they are deciding for themselves the direction they would like to take. Guitar is okay but can be painful on little fingers and does not usually produce the right musical feedback for a young mind, so we suggest a little guitar by request but with greater focus on the other instruments. Usually brass and woodwind are too difficult at this age.