We specialise in early childhood learning and rapport so little kids and parents are very welcome at Maroubra Music School. Naturally this is a very fun and playful class where kids can wonder at the colour and magic of music as they experiment with sound at their own pace.

It is also a very important time in a musician's life. Early (pre 5 yr old) music learning is critical for the attainment of certain perception skills that become difficult to develop after this cognition period. It's fun but skilled balancing act for a teacher to keep this in mind while making sure the little person is happy, having heaps of fun, and exploring.

We sing a lot at the piano with lots of songs little kids love from nursery rhymes to Katy Perry and Adele to songs from children's movies they will all know.

We learn simple choreography along with well known songs that are exciting to do and reinforce the song arrangement.  Kids love doing the actions and it helps them remember the song, as well as being great for coordination, and very cool !!

Most 3 and 4 year olds can play little notes on a mini piano and they can sit up like the big kids or they have the freedom to stretch out on the carpet and play.

Age and skill based coordination and rhythm games are great for motor skills and cognition and the start of the development of musical timing.