This is a dynamic learning age where young people can develop adult like musical ability, perception and motor skills. It's still not too late to learn some important pitching skills and motor and sensory abilities are very defined.  They are also begining to develop what will become the conceptual mind of an adult artist/musician should they continue studies.

13 to 16 is a complex age as their emerging teen/adult ego starts to peek through and they could be a child one minute and a young adult the next. How this relates to music learning is the the delivery of the program, and while modeling a consistent routine and manner is required, a flexibility and understanding attitude is essential.

Students at this age may just want to have fun in music or to develop skills compatible with other studies they are doing at school and consequently we would set the program to be an open ended but be a challenging interest. However, just as tomorrow's young sports professionals would be training seriously at this age, so are students who are considering music as a career either academically or in performance, and so by request a curriculum can be set that ensures higher level outcomes.

Early to mid teens are able to play with accuracy no matter what level they have achieved and they create some very high level audio and video recordings or animations, indistinguishable in some cases from adult professional work.